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Here at LeapCog, we’re all about working towards a world where we realise (ideally exceed!) the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through enterprise. We focus our efforts on working with inspiring, female-led SMEs who are building better businesses with positive purpose.

Working with you to define your requirements, LeapCog provides engaging, practical & enduring support to meet your strategy & planning needs. LeapCog offers you tailored support across your strategy development, business planning processes and performance operations.

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At LeapCog, we have really lived strategy & planning from the inside and bring that genuine understanding of impact to you. If your company is addressing the UN's SDGs then we would love to help you succeed.

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For over 10 years, I have been building & delivering in-house strategy & planning solutions and teams, often from the ground up. My priority is to bring clarity to your commercial plans at all levels

My experience with purpose-led companies is wide ranging: working in consumer goods, retail and renewable energy, across customer bases (B2C, B2B2C & B2B) and in organisations ranging from 3 to >6000 strong

I am deeply passionate about the success of purposeful businesses striving for growth while championing positive social and environmental impacts

As LeapCog Consulting I bring you real, lived delivery experience while being genuinely invested in the success of your business


With well over a decade in high-growth tech sales, my expertise is in helping companies take entirely new products and propositions to market to scale rapidly. I take a highly customer-centric approach and enjoy blending that with sharp strategic & technical acumen

I love the practical side of commercial development: delivering comprehensive solutions for rapid adoption to strategic partnerships, product strategy and hiring early stage teams

A firm believer in tech for better, I get huge satisfaction from delivering innovative solutions to the customer whether B2C or major enterprise

As LeapCog Consulting we bring you real, lived delivery experience while being genuinely invested in the success of your business


your "in-house" consultancy

Strategy & Planning: there comes a time for every business achieving scale when you hire someone to develop this in-house. We’re here to help before you’re ready to take that step.

Sounds great in theory but what does Strategy & Planning mean to us here at LeapCog?

"Important, not urgent"

Strategy & planning activities can often fall into the “important, not urgent” bucket that can get neglected when you’re busy striving in your day-to-day.

But, when done well, it is a vital investment for drawing your teams together to ensure you’re all on the right path to achieve your ambitions, and to get there more quickly & efficiently.

LeapCog steps in to help guide & contribute to this investment

Let's get practical

We’re here to get practical with you, so when we’re working with you we will take action in key areas, for example:

  • Develop insights into your performance, competitors & market

  • Build & solidify your strategic direction

  • Facilitate the contributions & engagement of your team to gain insight, momentum and belief

Make better strategy & plans to create an implementable reality

Connect the dots

With solid strategic direction in place, the business planning we’re talking about includes:

  • Aligning your internal processes and your customers' journeys

  • Setting up and running annual business planning processes

  • Establishing performance data management plans, including reporting process & tools

Get in touch

Every business is different and your strategy & planning requirements will be too, get in touch with LeapCog to find out where we can help


LeapCog's Purpose:

to help better businesses become the norm

Deliver "in-house" commerical strategy, planning and performance operations to enable leaps to scale for businesses combining profit & purpose


Bringing passion to your purpose


Real understanding informs practical solutions


Enabling sustainable improvement


Working responsibly with you


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