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Strategy Development & Facilitation

Create clarity & direction

Strategy development including insightful analysis
Guided strategy development workshops

Strategy Development & Facilitation

Create clarity & direction

Are you...

  • Wondering how you can draw on your strengths to create competitive advantage, or questioning priorities and capabilities?

  • Seeing increasing silos form between departments?

  • Struggling to work out how to create action from your market context and business performance?

LeapCog helps to

  • Conduct holistic and critical analysis of your business to inform coherent insight and action

  • Evolve and/or develop your strategic plans 

  • Facilitate team strategy exploration & communication

Benefits for you

  • Stay competitive & relevant while playing to your strengths

  • Aligned working with a road-map that your team are engaged in

  • Increase team engagement and cooperation

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Business Planning

Get your teams working better together

Are you...

  • Running lots of bespoke programmes/projects?

  • Losing sight of your customers’ needs despite all the fire-fighting to the contrary?

  • Having difficulty navigating all the inputs needed to put together your annual business plans?

LeapCog helps to

  • Consolidate internal processes, aligned with your customers’ journeys

  • Facilitate your annual planning process drawing inputters & stakeholders together

  • Support establishment of ancillary processes e.g. forecasting & integrated business planning procedures

Benefits you'll see

  • Simplified and aligned internal processes improving scalability and consistency

  • Customer-oriented process design with a plan for further improvements down the line

  • More insightful annual plans you can deliver with more confidence with ongoing integrated planning support

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Performance Operations

Take the guesswork out of decisions

Are you...

  • Struggling to collate performance information?

  • Lacking visibility and insight in key performance areas?

  • Unsure whether your data is doing enough for you?

LeapCog helps to

  • Link your KPIs with what you are trying to achieve and why

  • Set up insightful, practical reporting

  • Build performance forecasting and review capabilities

You'll benefit with

  • Smoother decision making with improved collaboration across teams

  • Sustainable and efficient reporting procedures supporting your business direction

  • Increased performance transparency for proactive priority management

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Discover Solutions

Bespoke and ad hoc solutions

Have you got a specific challenge or project in mind? 

Are you looking for a new perspective to help set your strategic direction and goals?

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