Which local causes do you want to support?

I know that's not really a fair question: we're part of this West London community and we don't want to pick favourites. So maybe it'll help if I explain...

When you shop on Our High Road you gain loyalty points for every pound spent. They work like cashback when redeemed in our Special Offer store.

One way to redeem your loyalty points is by giving them to local causes or initiatives... think charities, schools, other fundraising activities... And while we've lived in the area we certainly don't know them all, which is why we're asking you to tell us. Let us know who you would like to be able to donate your loyalty points to.

Then it's over to us to go and speak to those in charge and see if they are happy to be featured. Hopefully you'll see them featured soon.

As the name suggests, there will be special offers from our retailers in the Special Offer store where you will also be able to redeem your loyalty points.

Happy shopping!

Ami, Chris & Baby A

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