What's in a name?

When you pick a name for your business, or your child (both of which we've done this year!),

you are trying to convey something: meaning, history, aspirations... And choosing Our High Road for our business was no exception. There are a few reasons why we picked this name and here's what we wanted to say with it...

1 Our = Community. What goes around comes around, and as some smarter people than us have said, every £ spent with local retailers is a vote for your community. Choosing to shop locally means you are investing in where you live, and this is also why we bring both bricks & mortar and online businesses together in our app. Plus frankly, we love Chiswick - where we live.... 2 High Road = Chiswick. There actually aren't that many "High Road"s in the UK, High Street is more prevalent, so that would have made more sense to a lot more people but this business is born & bred Chiswick, so what better way to keep us true to our roots than to have them in the name! 3 High Road = Elevation. This is a not-so-subtle nod towards the phrase "take the High Road". We want to make it easier for people to rise up and shop a little more sustainably. It's nigh on impossible to make the "right" choices, and we're not here to dictate what those are. BUT a great way to do this is to shop locally, with small businesses who understand and know their supply chains well, and who are bringing well thought-out products to market. We're inspired and so proud to represent & champion these brands.

Thanks for reading, see you round the shops soon!

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