• Ami Komoda

What does meaningful business mean to you?

I'm very proud to represent the Meaningful Business 100 community as an ambassador, and here is a quick except from a call with them. I share my thoughts on how the buzzwords surrounding it can cloud the impact, how the UN SDGs give us a framework and the future that I want to see for capitalism... all in a 1:45min snippet, enjoy!


In terms of meaningful business I think there are a lot of buzzwords that can surround it that cloud the meaning. There’s sustainable capitalism, triple bottom line accounting, conscious, positive impact, responsible business and they all mean something to me and they all probably mean something to you as well, but I’ve got to ask, do they mean enough? Does it tell you enough about what that business is doing and how they are operating? And this is where I think the sustainable development goals really come in as as very helpful and holistic benchmarks that guide our thinking around what a meaningful business is actually looking to address. They show just how broadly we can look to define meaningful business and how widely we can have an impact. For me personally, meaningful business is really about what I want for the future of capitalism. It gets a bad rap because we’ve certainly seen and felt deeply where it can go wrong, but we also know examples of where it can go really right and create world changing innovation that helps to benefit lives.





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