People of Our High Road: Flip from Organised Chaos Management

Our High Road: Tell us about yourself & what Organised Chaos Management does… Flip: I worked in the Music Industry for over 20 years and have been fortunate enough to travel the world with it.

In all the roles I’ve held over the years, from Tea Maker to Head of Artist Management, there’s been an aspect of looking after people which is something I’ve always enjoyed. When I made the decision to step away from the Music Industry on a full time basis I decided to create a business where I could build on the ‘looking after’ bits that I loved.

Organised Chaos Management, while advertised as Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services, can be so much more. I love building long standing and trusting relationships with my clients. Being their extra pair of hands and generally making their lives easier is what gives me a buzz. Things that I’ve done for clients can range from waiting in for a delivery, finding and booking holiday’s, implementing a filing system, sourcing personnel or memorable experiences and shopping.

Everyone is so time poor these days, and it’s the little things that all mount up, so if by me taking something off their hands allowing them to be able to step back and enjoy life that bit more, that’s the goal.

OHR: How long have you been running OCM?

F: I officially launched in 2017, so 3 and a half years now.

OHR: What makes you happiest in your work? F: I’m a fixer, so there’s nothing better than a client giving me a list of things that they’ve been trying to get to done and just being able to work through it for them. Doesn’t matter how mundane or complicated, I love it.

OHR: What brought you to Chiswick & when? F: I grew up in Chiswick and haven’t moved far away to Ravenscourt Park / Hammersmith area.

OHR: Do you have a standout local brand you love? F: Love a bit of the locally brewed Fuller’s London Pride!

OHR: Any tips for lockdown life? F: Trying to maintain some type of routine really helps me. Exercise is the thing that keeps me sane whether that’s walking the dog, running or doing some online yoga. Lumi in Hammersmith have a great schedule of online classes. OHR: When you're allowed again - what will your first night out look like? F: Hopefully lots of good food and good friends.

OHR: How do you unwind after a busy day? F: Some wine & Corrie!

OHR: Do you have a local secret you're willing to share? F: I’m not sure how secret it is anymore but Patisserie Sainte-Anne in Ravenscourt Park is insane! I don’t have a sweet tooth but that place could convert anyone.

OHR: If you had to pick: Chiswick House or Mosaic House? F: Chiswick House

OHR: It's that time of year... how do you prep for Christmas?

F: Lists! I’m a big fan of them. I actually keep a Gift List and throughout the year make notes of things I hear people talk about or that I come across that I know someone would love.

A big thank you to Flip, and thank you too for reading.... more coming soon in our People of Our High Road series.

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