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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Our High Road: Why did you made Chiswick your base?

Victoria, Mummy Wine Club: We moved here because we loved the high road and proximity to lovely green spaces like Kew Gardens, Chiswick House, and the riverside. After having two kids I feel incredibly rooted here and love the community feel.

OHR: What was the motivation behind creating Mummy Wine Club (and is it for everyone)?

V: I started Mummy Wine Club when I had my second baby.

I didn’t want to become completely cut off from my professional wine life [Victoria was Managing Editor at The World of Fine Wine magazine, and still writes & judges for them] while I was on maternity leave and was always curious about hosting my own local wine events. I knew a few mums in the area who loved wine, food, travel, etc. and I thought I could create something where we could all continue to explore our interests and still bring the baby. Every week I was offering casual wine courses from home where mums could bring their baby and learn about wine regions from Europe to South America. It wasn’t about drinking, it was about learning the different grape varieties, regions, history, tasting technique, and wine and food pairing.

Eventually the Mummy Wine Club events evolved into themed dinners and wine masterclasses in the weekends and evenings. Without the kids!

In 2020, Mummy Wine Club transformed into a monthly wine subscription club, and online wine shop, and the wine events became virtual. The wine club is for anyone who wants to drink good wine made in an organic/sustainable way that’s

been selected by a passionate wine expert. Everyone is welcome to join!

OHR: What's been your proudest moment with MWC?

V: Partnering with the Bedford Park Festival and Chiswick Book Festival earlier this year were both significant highlights for me. The Bedford Park Festival was the first time I tried out hosting a virtual wine tasting and it went very well which gave me the confidence to go ahead with my subscription club idea and offer a monthly virtual wine tasting with each box.

The Chiswick Book Festival got my creative juices flowing and I came out with an unusual wine theme for it: Hemingway’s Wines in A Moveable Feast. I always loved that book and was inspired by the wines he wrote about drinking in the 1920s with his writer friends, so I decided to source those same wines for my September box and presented a tasting of them alongside excerpts from the book. I think people really enjoyed that and understood the wine themes were going to be pretty different at Mummy Wine Club.

OHR: How do you go about making your wine collections?

V: So far, it’s been a combination of wishing to work with the producers I admire the most and exploring themes I’ve been interested in and want to personally learn more about.

OHR: Which local shops could you not live without?

V: There are too many to count..I love The Italians for their authentic deli counter. Bookcase London and Foster Books are both great treasure troves. Wyndham’s, Covent Garden Fishmongers, Source, and Lemon & Limes are all brilliant. On Devonshire Road I love Strand Antiques, Tamp, Duci, and Napoli on the Road. You see, I can’t just pick one!

OHR: How do you unwind after a busy day?

V: I don’t often get to do this...but if I manage to take a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day, that is the best way to unwind!

OHR: What were your "go to" tips for getting through lockdown?

V: Try to keep focused on your goals and stick with a daily routine that ensures you spend time on the stuff that’s going to help you reach them. Daily exercise, meditation, and limiting time on social media is also helpful.

OHR: What is your top tip for enjoying Chiswick life?

V: Enjoy the local scene and the local creativity. The new flower market, the longstanding Sunday farmer’s market, the ‘artists at home’ group all make this neighbourhood very special.

OHR: If you had to choose... Chiswick House or Mosaic House?

V: I live close to Mosaic House and love to walk past it, regularly admiring it’s vibrant design and thought-provoking messages. It’s a real surprise for people to see for the first time!

Chiswick House, however, is my love. It’s one of my favourite things about living in London, let alone Chiswick.

A big thank you to Victoria, and thank you too for reading.... more coming soon in our People of Our High Road series.

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