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Passionate Expert
Between working as Managing Editor at The World of Fine Wine magazine, studying for the prestigious Master of Wine exam, teaching monthly wine courses and judging at international wine competitions, Victoria Daskal tastes over 1,500 different wines per year.

She is passionate about the way wine is linked with culture, history, geography, food, literature, and travel, and loves to share her experience and understanding of wine as she continues her own journey.

Baby Steps
Mummy Wine Club was founded in August 2018

Over the past decade I’ve taught wine courses and created bespoke tastings for private collectors, sommeliers, students, corporate groups, and newly-weds through various organizations and schools, but I’ve always wanted to start my own wine school. 


Fast forward two children later, and I’m starting to realize my dream of a wine school but with a very different set up. I’ve replaced the large classroom with my living room, and while the subject matter is still my life-long passion: wine, it’s taught with a more practical and casual approach, and my ideal group has transformed into fellow mums (and dads!) who also happen to be home with their babies right now. I find this to be extremely gratifying and most relatable than any of my other teaching scenarios. We all want to continue to learn and take part in stimulating activities while taking care of our babies, and wine has the power to unlock so many other interests over which we can make new friends!


Mummy Wine Club is a pleasant and fun environment where you can learn about wine, meet other like-minded and local people and also be able to bring your baby. I am very conscious of making this as safe as possible for everyone, thus we’ll be using professional quality (but plastic) wine glasses, everyone will be provided with a spittoon and be shown how to taste and spit properly. There will be some bouncy chairs and mats available for your baby to rest on.


Each session will cover four wines – ones I feel are the most important to know for the region or style we are learning about that week. The classes last about 45 minutes, and I encourage questions and discussion along the way. 

Wine Journey
After two years, over 50 Mummy Wine Club tasting events, and a global pandemic, the focus changes. 

Mummy Wine Club began as intimate wine events at my home where mums were able to bring their babies and learn about wine in a friendly and educational setting. Eventually the babies grew up, but we continued to meet for exceptional wine dinners and themed tastings. 


However, after the changes we've had to make due to coronavirus, Mummy Wine Club is evolving again. As of June 2020 Mummy Wine Club now offers a Monthly Wine Subscription Club that brings expert-curated wine to your door. My hope is to continue to grow a wonderful  community of wine lovers that can interact and bond over their shared interest.



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