Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our High Road?

Our High Road is the app to shop local. It is an e-commerce marketplace for independent retailers to sell their products to shoppers within their local vicinity. Accessed for free in app or online, shoppers can discover, browse & buy from local independent shops, creators & service providers.

In order to develop the technology and market the products & services, Our High Road takes a commission on transactions through the platform. Our High Road is commited to building the local retail community and so we ensure 20% of profits from running the marketplace are re-invested into participating retailers.

How does your loyalty scheme work?

When you shop on Our High Road you accumulate loyalty points as you spend: you gain 1 loyalty point for every £1 you spend. Points can be redeemed in the Loyalty Store for access to special offers from retailers and donations to local community initiatives and charities. Loyalty points have a value of £0.005 if used outside the Loyalty Store. We are building up our loyalty scheme with more bonuses to this space!

Why can't I find my favourite independent retailer on Our High Road?

Our High Road is just getting started so not all of Chiswick's retailers have signed up yet... We really want to make sure all your favourite independents are on the platform so if you want to ask your favourite shops to join us then please email us at telling us who you want to see.

How can I list my products & services with Our High Road?

Easily! Get in touch with us on our contact form here and we can get the ball rolling.

Why isn't delivery an option for all retailers?

Not all retailers have their own delivery service, and Our High Road currently does not offer delivery as a service on their behalf. While we recognise that Click & Collect doesn't work for everyone, it is better for the environment so we encourage you to safely make a visit to your local shops in person to collect your orders.
If you're really keen to get deliveries from a particular retailer please get in touch at and we'll see what we can do.

There's a problem with a product I've purchased through Our High Road, how can it be resolved?

We hope you'll love everything you buy through Our High Road but we know sometimes things don't quite work out. If that's the case then please speak directly with the retailer you purchased it from. Their contact details can be found on their page within the app and we know they'll be keen to rectify the issue.

There's a problem with the Our High Road app/website, how can I let you know?

If you experience any problems when using the Our High Road app or website, please tell us at or use the in-app chat function. We will do what we can to resolve them to the best of our abilities.

If there is a problem with a product you have purchased then please speak directly with the retailer you purchased it from.

What is BETA testing and does it hurt?! 

Don't worry BETA testing doesn't hurt ;-) !
We are a startup and we're learning as we're going along so we really appreciate your patience and feedback. Our App and Website isn't the final & finished, slick & smooth experience that we'd love it to be (we ain't no Amazon). As you use Our High Road you're helping us to learn what works (or doesn't) and deliver a better service to you. If you have particular feedback you'd like to give us about the service please drop us a line at - we'd be delighted to hear from you.
If you happen to love what we're doing then please give us a shout out on Social Media - Facebook, Istagram etc. you know the drill!

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